We offer laboratory & industrial scale autoclaves (or sterilizer), for sterilization of biological media, fermentors, & microbiological equipments.

These equipments are available in various models such as horizontal rectangular, horizontal cylindrical, & vertical cylindrical, in a wide range of sizes from 25 liters up to 1000 liters capacity.

Mode of heating can be selected between steam heating or electrical heating. In steam heated models, an electrically operated steam generator (boiler) can be supplied as part of the package, or steam from the customer's existing steam generation & distribution arrangement can be utilized.

The autoclaves are designed to withstand standard sterilization conditions, viz. 121 OC temperature & 15 psi pressure. However, the equipments can also be custom designed for different operating conditions.


The equipment is compact, simple to operate, & rugged (yet aesthetically pleasing). The material of construction used for the autoclave body is stainless steel, grade SS304, & the support structure is made from M.S. All stainless steel parts are polished to good finish, while the MS parts are painted with two coats of anti-corrosive polyurethane paint.


Standard accessories such as vent valve, steam inlet valve, drain valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, & thermo well with temperature gauge are provided as part of the package.

The boiler is fabricated from heavy duty SS304 pipe, & provided with electrical heater (single phase or three phase, depending on autoclave size), water level switch, feed water pump, view glass, pressure control switch, pressure gauge, & control panel with electrical switchgear.

Various other control options such as microprocessor-based control or PLC-based control can also be incorporated. Automatic evacuation of autoclave through exhaust piping using vacuum pump & solenoid valve can also be offered.

We also manufacture hot air sterilizers in stainless steel with fully automatic control system.



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