We offer automatic feed dosing systems for fermentors, an apparatus designed to solve all the problems related to dosing & measurement of feed quantities of different additives to fermentors.

The chief problems associated with commercially available standard dosing systems are incompatibility with steam for in-situ steam sterilisation, & inability to measure flow in pulses (shots), constraints unique to the fermentation process. For instance, equipments such as peristaltic pumps are very accurate & suitable for addition in shots but incompatible with live steam for in-situ sterilisation, whereas on-line steam-sterilizable flow meters (such as electromagnetic flow meters) are not suitable for measurement of pulsed flow.

The dosing system works on the principle of filling & draining of a dosing pot, & thus closely resembles the conventional manually operated system. Automation of the system is taken care of by a PLC, which is pre-programmed for sterilisation, dosing & data logging. The PLC has a serial communication port for downloading data onto a PC-based SCADA software or a serial printer. The system can be designed for predetermined flow rates (for e.g. substrate, precursor, etc.) or for system triggered additions (such as acid/alkali & antifoam). Accuracy of flow measurement is better than +/- 0.5%

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