The Automatic Flyfood Maker & Dispenser System is a unique proprietary & innovative product designed & developed by us.

The product is exclusively developed for fly labs, to overcome challenges encountered during daily preparation of vast number of flyfood vials & bottles.

Salient features of the automatic flyfood maker vis-à-vis traditional method of flyfood preparation :

Traditional method Automatic flyfood maker
Wide variations in product quality & quantity resulting in inconsistent results - an obstacle to research work Excellent product quality in terms of sterility, consistency, uniformity & homogeneity. Negligible batch to batch variation
Extensive manual labour required for various operations such as autoclaving, cooling, blending & dispensing Automated process operations, hence manual work greatly reduced
Large staff needs to be deployed in the lab Lower manpower requirements in the lab
Product quality/quantity affected by technician Consistent product quality/quantity irrespective of technician
Lower throughput capacity in terms of litres per day & number of vials/bottles per hour Higher throughput capacity
Non-conformance to GMP Conformance to GMP
Less energy efficient More energy efficient


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