We offer continuous stirred tank reactors for process/product development of a wide range of chemical processes on a laboratory or pilot plant scale.

The set up consists of a stirred tank reactor, with two (or more) feed tanks through which the various reactants are fed to the reactor. The flow rate of the reactants is measured by rotameters provided on the individual feed pipes, & controlled by operating the needle valves provided on the respective rotameters. Transfer of reactants is effected by using compressed air or metering pumps.

The agitation system comprises electric motor, mechanical seal, variable speed drive, & impellers. Various impeller types are available, such as turbine, propeller, anchor, etc.

The reactors, feed tanks & piping are manufactured in stainless steel SS304/SS316 or any other material of choice as per process requirements. Reactors are available in various sizes, from 2 litres upto 500 litres.

An instrumentation package with various control loops (such as temperature, pH, flow rate, pressure, dissolved oxygen, etc.) can be provided for process automation & control, as per requirement.

The laboratory scale units are provided with table-top mounting arrangement, while the pilot plant models are trolley or skid mounted.

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