We manufacture corrugated tube heat exchangers, suitable for numerous applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, fermentation, biotechnology, food, dairy & agro industries.

These heat exchangers have distinct advantages of higher heat transfer efficiency & lower sticking & charring of product, over other competitive products such as shell & tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, & scraped surface heat exchangers.

Due to corrugations to the inner tubes & outer shell, turbulence is created in the flow of the fluids, hence the velocity of the fluids increases, thereby increasing the heat transfer coefficient.

The high fluid velocity also has a self-cleaning effect, i.e. the fluid cleans the tube walls as it flows. The equipment can hence be used for sticky products, for products susceptible to charring, & for slurries.

The equipment is designed for ease of dismantling, cleaning & reassembly, & therefore very useful for processes where the equipment has to be cleaned after every batch. The equipment can also be cleaned in place (CIP) using conventional cleaning accessories such as high-pressure pumps.

The equipment is suitable for high pressure & high temperature applications, & has the capacity to withstand sudden variations in these parameters. It requires lesser floor space than competitive products, & can be skid-mounted as well as wall-mounted.

The material of construction used is stainless steel of various grades (304/316/304L/316L or as per requirement); other materials can be selected as per the process application. A process control instrumentation package can also be supplied for automatic operation of the equipment, & for integration of the equipment with other process equipments.

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