We offer innovative energy conservation systems for the chemical process & allied industries, using conventional & modern chemical engineering principles & sophisticated process control instrumentation products.

A typical application for which an energy conservation solution is offered is optimization of the cooling water demand-supply equation. Cooling water is an important utility in the process industry. However, the energy cost implications of this item are frequently ignored. Generally, the cooling tower (or chilled water plant) & delivery pump(s) run continuously at full capacity irrespective of load conditions. Further, on the process side, cooling water circulation goes on uncontrolled, at full flow rates, regardless of whether the desired temperature is achieved or not.

This results in an enormous electrical energy cost, apart from unnecessary extra maintenance cost. This cost can be significantly reduced by installing our control package. Appropriate instruments are installed at three locations - the process plant, the pumping station & the water cooler, which work in harmony. The system ensures that just sufficient flow & pressure of cooling water at appropriate temperature is maintained as demanded by the process. It also prevents wastage of cooling water in the process plant, by affirming that just adequate quantity of cooling water as actually demanded by the process requirements, is consumed.

Under normal circumstances, the payback period of the investment is between six months to a year.

We offer similar systems for other similar utilities such as steam, process water, chilled brine, compressed air, etc. Specific application-oriented solutions can also be custom-built..

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