We offer a range of low-cost high-performance fermentation systems with world class features, from laboratory scale (2 litres) up to pilot plant/commercial scale (5000 litres).

The fermentor vessel is manufactured as per current GMP codes for sanitary/aseptic equipments. All standard components forming part of the system, such as complete piping assembly for operating the fermentor, air filters, sterilizable sampling valve, sterile addition ports, agitation system, mechanical seal, removable baffles, etc. are provided. A choice of stainless steel or borosilicate glass is offered for autoclavable lab fermentors (up to 20 litres), while in-situ sterilizable fermentors (20 litres & above) are in stainless steel.

A sophisticated instrumentation package is provided for automatic measurement & control of various fermentation parameters such as air flow, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, motor speed, foam, exhaust gas composition & nutrient addition.

  The control system is PLC-based with autotuning PID control & download of real-time data from PLC to Windows spreadsheet, for further graphical representation & reports generation.
  The following optional features and/or accessories can also be offered at a very attractive price:  
Exhaust gas analysis (for O2, CO2 & N2 gases) coupled with fermentation control
Dissolved oxygen control (through aeration & agitation)
Air flow rate measurement & control using thermal mass flow controller
Fermentation heat load monitoring system
Autoclave with digital temperature control & energy saving features
Automatic package water chiller

All the above instruments can be interfaced to a PC for data acquisition.

A complete fermentation plant, consisting of fermentors, seed vessels, in-situ sterilizable dosing vessels with transfer pumps, continuous media sterilizer & process control instrumentation can be custom-designed & supplied as per customer's requirements.

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