We offer simplex & duplex type basket strainers for on-line removal of particulate matter & impurities from a wide range of process fluids.

The strainers are manufactured from a variety of materials such as MS, MSRL, SS304, SS316, etc. Changeover piping & valves are provided in the duplex models, which enables independent operation of one strainer while the other is being cleaned, sterilized, or is under maintenance. Good quality stainless steel strainer mesh is used as the filtering medium, the nominal cut-off sizes available being in the range of 5 microns upwards.

The strainers are designed for simplicity of operation, ease of mesh removal, cleaning & reassembly, suitability for high operating pressures (upto 15 kg/cm2) & high operating temperatures (upto 180 oC), & compatibility with a wide range of process applications & chemicals. Provision of sanitary features such as venting & draining arrangement for pressure cleaning-in-place (CIP) & steaming-in-place (SIP) ensure that these strainers are ideally suited for hygienic applications such as food, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotech & biopharmaceuticals.

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