We offer innovative inoculation & sampling devices for fermentors.

These products are manufactured out of stainless steel grade AISI-316, with elastomers of PTFE, ethylene-propylene (EP) rubber, or silicone rubber, & are sterilizable in-situ with steam. Adherence to good engineering practises during manufacture of these items ensures that they are perfectly suitable for sterile applications, such as those encountered in fermentation systems.

The sampling valves are an import substitute product & are thus ideally suited to the end user's requirement, both in terms of price (which is a small fraction of the cost of the imported version) & time (as they are available ex-stock). The sampling valves are suitable for installation on all sizes, makes & types of fermentors, including retrofitting on existing ones. They can also be installed on existing Indian/imported laboratory & pilot plant fermentors of any make & size.

The fermentor inoculation device is useful for safe transfer of inoculum from the laboratory flasks/bottles to the fermentor, either by gravity (by holding the flask/bottle above the effective hydrostatic level in the fermentor) or by means of a peristaltic pump. The device is very compact & consists of a pipe section with sterilizable valve, hose connection & cap. A small bleeder opening is provided for effective in-situ steam sterilization of the assembly. This device is also suitable for all kinds of fermentors, similar to the sampling valves described above.

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