We offer various models of laboratory & pilot plant fermentors in autoclavable & in-situ sterilizable versions. Autoclavable fermentors are available in either full stainless steel construction, or stainless steel & borosilicate glass. In-situ sterilizable fermentors are in full stainless steel.

Standard features forming an integral part of the basic package are a seal-less & totally leakproof variable speed magnetic agitator & on-line measurements for temperature & pH. A whole range of add-on features is available, depending on application & budget.

Our systems are compact, simple to operate & rugged (yet aesthetically pleasing), work on single phase power supply, & can be mounted on a table-top of dimensions approximately 600 mm X 1200 mm, features which make them the ideal equipment for use in laboratories.

We offer lowest cost of ownership in the following ways :



  • Lowest purchase cost : Our list price for fermentors is the lowest in the market.

  • Lowest operating cost : We use good quality raw materials & bought-out components, thereby leading to virtually zero maintenance downtime & cost. Besides, we use modular instrumentation which has lowest possible replacement cost for worn-out instruments (as against integrated controls, where the entire unit has to be replaced for the simplest of faults!).

  • User convenience : Our bioprocess equipments are user friendly since they have been developed by an actual end-user of almost 2½ decades. They are designed keeping in mind the Indian usage conditions (technicians' psychology, maintenance problems, infrastructure quality, etc.)

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