We offer a range of sophisticated cross-flow membrane separation systems, suitable for a number of chemical applications such as product recovery & purification by filtration & concentration, recovery of valuable constituents from effluent streams & recycling of wash streams. Typical biotechnical applications include, in addition to the above, cell separation from fermentation broth.

Processes offered include microfiltration, nano filtration, ultrafiltration & reverse osmosis. Dia filtration systems involving washing of the concentrated stream with permeate or wash liquid, are also offered.

The system consists of two parts. The first part is the imported set of membrane modules, selected from amongst various types available, such as tubular, hollow-fibre, spiral wound & cassette (flat sheet), in polymeric & ceramic materials of construction. The second part comprises the indigenously manufactured components, including the module holders, wash tank, recirculation pump & piping, & instrumentation. The instrumentation package includes flow meters, pressure & level switches, & temperature measurement & control system. The complete system is mounted on a skid or portable trolley & is offered as an import substitute package on a turnkey basis.



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