We offer quick connect fittings in sanitary design for use with flexible hoses & tubes such as silicon, PVC, nylon, rubber, etc.

The assembly consists of a standard sanitary end fitting such as triclover/SMS/IDF/DIN with an integral hose barb. The hose barb is inserted inside the flexible tube of appropriate dimensions. A compression fitting consisting of a specially designed nut is then applied over the assembly & tightened. The special profile of the nut presses the tube uniformly against the hose barb, thereby preventing it from slipping off even at high temperatures & pressures. The fittings can be assembled & dismantled within a few seconds by one person using simple tools.

This prevents accidents which may lead to personal injuries, product loss, damage to machinery, & loss of production time.

This system is advantageous over the standard method of fitting of end connections over flexible hose pipes, i.e., by inserting a very tight fitting hose barb with the appropriate end connection over the hose & tightening by means of a metal worm-clip (also called "Jubilee" clip). Disadvantages of this standard method are - good quality clips are not available in the market - the ones that are available wear out in a very short time; time required for assembly & dismantling is quite high; the assembly is always prone to leakage; & chances of injury to operating personnel is high due to frequent slipping of the screw-driver required for tightening/loosening the retainer screw on the clip.

The sanitary quick connect fittings are designed for simplicity of operation & for cleaning as per standard norms. The all-metal design ensures that the fittings are suitable for high operating pressures (upto 15 kg/cm2) & high operating temperatures (upto 180 oC), & compatible with a wide range of process applications & chemicals. Use of high-grade stainless steel (SS304/SS316) & suitability for steaming-in-place (SIP) ensures that these fittings are ideally suited for hygienic applications such as food, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotech & biopharmaceuticals.

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