We manufacture screw conveyors for transportation of bulk solids. Standard materials of construction used are stainless steel (AISI-304 & AISI-316) polished to a suitable finish. However, other materials with appropriate surface treatment can also be employed, depending upon the application. Conveyor flights will be selected from amongst standard ones such as sectional, helicoid, ribbon or cut type, depending upon the application & product characteristics.

As a standard practice, geared motors & variable speed drives are used to achieve desired operating torque & good control over the delivery rate. Also, PTFE bush supports, ball bearings, & mechanical seals (or stuffing boxes) are used on one or both ends to prevent leakage through the shaft openings. In cases where the conveyor length is large, hangers with adjustable bearings are provided at appropriate distances.

Screw conveyors are suitable for transportation of a wide variety of bulk solids, ranging from light, finely divided non-abrasive solids to abrasive, pasty & lumpy ones.

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