We specialize in providing consultancy services in the field of industrial fermentation, & our specific areas of expertise are:


Design of complete fermentation plants, including culture laboratories & utility services, for a wide variety of fermentation processes such as antibiotics, vaccines, vitamins, steroids, acids, biofertilizers, biopesticides etc.


Design of large scale submerged fermentors & associated sterile/non-sterile equipments for mycelial, actinomycete, yeast & bacterial fermentations.


Prevention & control of contamination, including getting rid of all types of contamination in existing plants, i.e. yeast, phage, bacterial & cross contamination.


Design of aseptic transfer pipelines with sterile sections & steam locking arrangement for long-term contamination-free performance.


Design of fed batch, repeated (cyclic) fed batch, & continuous (chemostat) fermentation systems, for laboratory, pilot plant or commercial scale operations.

Design of automatic aseptic feed dosing systems with feed flow measurement for fed batch fermentations.
Design of appropriate process control instrumentation systems for various fermentation parameters such as temperature, aeration, agitation, pH, DO, level, foam, exhaust gas etc.
Design of automatic media sterilization, either in-situ or external (i.e. through continuous media sterilizer).
Design of air filtration systems.
Troubleshooting of fermentation processes from laboratory to commercial scale.
Planning of plant revamps including stagewise phasing out of outdated equipments & induction of new equipments.

Planning & supervising periodic maintenance shutdowns (total or partial shutdowns) in existing plants, to ensure minimum loss of productivity & minimum downtime of equipments.

  We augment the designing & planning work by undertaking the following activities:
Purchase assistance including vendor identification, drawing up of equipment specifications, tender enquiry & tender evaluation.
Stagewise inspection of equipments during fabrication/manufacture.
Supervision of erection & commissioning of the plant & machinery.
Training of plant engineers & technicians in carrying out sterile process operations.

Complete assignments on turnkey basis for project execution of fermentation plants, from process/technology selection, process development & basic engineering right up to erection & commissioning of the plant.


Co-ordination for productivity improvement between source(s) of technology & operating personnel, implementation of productivity improvement program at the laboratory or pilot plant scale, scaling-up of results on commercial scale, & establishment of productivity norms in the plant.

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