We offer a portable sterile filtration apparatus, useful for a wide range of sterile liquid & gaseous filtration applications such as fermentor media, fermented broth, microbiological testing media, serum, water, compressed air, steam, etc.

The apparatus consists of a sterile filter cartridge enclosed within a cartridge housing, & a rigid piping assembly, with ball valves, sanitary fittings, & pressure gauges. The entire assembly is in stainless steel (SS316) polished to a mirror finish on the internal & external surfaces, & is of sanitary design with appropriate end connections such as SMS or triclover unions. It is in-situ steam-sterilizable or autoclavable (as per application), & is thus suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, fermentation, biotechnology, food, & dairy industries. The apparatus can also be used for checking the integrity of filter cartridges in-situ by the bubble point test method.

The assembly is mounted on a stainless steel trolley provided with swivel type nylon castor wheels for ease of transportation within the plant.

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