We offer storage tank breathing-cum-scrubbing systems to protect them from damage due to overpressure or vacuum during filling/discharging.

The system consists of a gas absorption chamber with a small solvent holding tank & recirculation pump, connected to the main storage tank. A suitable solvent is stored in the holding tank & is recirculated into the spray chamber where it comes into contact with the vapours from the main storage tank. The vapours are absorbed by the solvent & clean air is thus exhausted from the system. The product can be subsequently recovered from the saturated solvent & recycled. This helps in lowering evaporation losses from the main system, reducing environmental pollution, & minimising corrosion of other equipments located in the vicinity.

Materials of construction can be selected as per the process requirements, from amongst FRP, MSRL, SS, etc. Sizing of the system will be as per the size of the main storage tank & expected vapour flow rate.

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