We offer complete plants & equipments for the manufacture of yeast on a commercial scale.

Yeast is manufactured by growing the starter culture of the microorganism on a sugary substrate, normally sugarcane molasses, in large volume fermentors. It is recovered from the concentrated broth obtained from the fermentors, by filtration and/or centrifugation. The yeast cake is then blended with suitable stabilizers & packed.

The plant, consisting of fermentors, molasses sterilization system, tanks, pumps, piping & instrumentation, plate & frame filter presses, centrifuges, blenders, conveyors, extruders, & filling/packing machines, is designed & supplied as per the scale of manufacture.

Projects can be undertaken on a turnkey basis, where the scope of work can include any or all of the following activities :

  • Plant design including location & layout planning;
  • Guidance in site selection;
  • Provision of complete manufacturing know-how for the product;
  • Basic & detail engineering;
  • Supervision of construction work at site; &
  • Design, manufacture, supply, installation & commissioning of the plant & equipments. In addition, recruitment & training of personnel in operations & maintenance can also be taken up.
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